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Home of the 2013 Sugar Skull Girls​

Vixen Ali

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Photographer Credits: Richard Shumaker Photography, Fuzzy Photos, Bold Sheep Photography

Model's Portfolio: Ali 
25 Things You Didn't Know
About Me

1) I'm 25 years old
2 )I am married, i have 2 kids of my own and i am a step mother to 2 kids as well
3) I live in Roanoke VA but was raised on a farm in Bedford, VA most of my life.
4) I am a country girl at heart
5) I love horror films and blood
6) I'm a housewife and stay at home mom
7)I have 2 tattoos and just got started
8)I have 3 siblings, 2 brothers and a sister
9) My idol is Marilyn Monroe
10) I'm scared of the ocean but love sharks
11)My best friend is my daughter
12)My weakness is peanut M&M's
13)Love quotes are my favorite thing to read
14) I've studied cosmetology and was a hairdresser for 5 years
15) I'm a Leo and I live by it
16) I'm a shorter than most people think I'm only 5'3
17)I'm obsessed with yoga and different yoga positions
18)I listen to Florence and The Machine like its a religion
19) I've been told I look like Mila Kunis
20)My favorite food is fried chicken
21)I love playing dress up and trying on new outfits
22) My favorite color is red
23)My all time favorite show that I'm obsessed with is American Horror Story
24)I love taking pictures and using the camera
25)I am self made and self paid

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