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Home of the 2013 Sugar Skull Girls​

Vixen Kristin Short

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Photographer Credits: MVP Photography, Derek Neufarth Photography​, Regal Rebel Photo.Com

Model's Portfolio: http://www.modelmayhem.com/2760666

25 Things You Didn't Know About Me


1.)  I'm 23 years old.

2.) I'm an Ohio girl, born and raised, but would love to live in the South.

3.) I have a toddler who is the light of my life!

4.) I can recite all the dialogue from Dirty Dancing. And yes, I'm proud.

5.) I'm a nursing student with my main interest being Labor & Delivery.

6.) I'm obsessed with reality T.V.

7.) My biggest pet peeve is when businesses that are clearly closed leave their "Open" sign on. GRR!!

8.) I cannot sleep with my feet covered by socks or a blanket.

9.) I'm obsessed with country music. Why? Because I want a love like Johnny & June... Not Chris Brown and Rihanna. Boooyaaaah!

10.) I think I'm addicted to the internet. 

11.) Which reminds me, I'm a dork.

12.) I'm a modelographer (model/photgrapher)

13.) I'm not a creeper or anything, but when I drive by people's houses at night, I stare into their window. Close your blinds! :)

14.) All I want in this life, is a southern accent.

15.) I hate camping. It's true. Bugs and sleeping on rocks is not fun for me.

16.)  I get really pissy when I'm hungry or too hot.

17.)  I am ADDICTED to The Walking Dead. Bring on the apocalypse! 

18.) Even at 23, I have to have a light on when I sleep. Don't judge.

19.) I'm a hardcore germaphobe. I open doors with my sleeves and wash my hands incessantly. And don't ever touch me, either.

20.) I am the co-founder of this website and the project coordinator for the 2013 Sugar Skulls calendar. And it was a ton of work!

21.) Steak 'n Shake milkshakes are just... nom.

22.) I don't understand feet fetishes. Why feet?

23.) I have 6 tattoos and the rumor is true: They are addictive.

24.) I have a huge girl crush on Katy Perry.

25.) I wish I had Dexter as my neighbor/boy toy.

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